Our Approach

Our “Hands on” Approach

At Vitali Commercial, we believe a customer should only ever have to make one call to get answers or solutions to any aspect of their project. Unlike other companies where clients are shuffled between salespeople, designers, and project managers, our boutique business model ensures that each customer is given the attention they deserve.

Peace of mind through Accountability
From beginning to end, there will only ever be one person accountable, whom you can discuss any aspect of the project with – the Project Manager.  Even though every project is completed by a team of professionals (designer, project manager, site supervisor), we want our clients to rest assured that they will only ever have to speak to a single individual who is accountable for the entire project.

A clear understanding of your needs
At the onset of every project, we work with you to develop a clear understanding of your needs. Through the development of a feasibility study, and a very detailed estimate, both parties can be sure that every aspect of the project has been accounted for. This process develops the scope of work, timeline, and budget of the project.

Commitment to Deadlines
We are extremely sensitive to your need to be operational by a certain date.  We understand that the longer a project takes the more time and ultimately money it can cost your business.  This is why once we commit to a deadline, we stick to it.

Servicing with Integrity
There are many potential unforeseen challenges that can arise in the course of any construction/renovation project, integrity lies in how these challenges are met. At Vitali Commercial, we refuse to have the dreaded “surprise extras” at the end of a project.  Any required or requested changes in scope are always discussed and formally pre-approved by you, and tracked in a “change order” document. We feel that this process is critical in maintaining your trust, and keeping both parties accountable.